Rural Health and Telemedicine : Telemedicine Implementation Handbook. Ukraine

World Bank: Ukraine – Rural Health and Telemedicine : Telemedicine Implementation Handbook #


This excellent and very detailed handbook provides practical guidance and recommendations of best practice for the implementation of rural telemedicine. It covers the technical architecture, functional profiles, standards, infrastructure, products (hardware and software), implementation procedures, organization, operational procedures, and methods for evaluation of rural telemedicine services, with guidance for requirements at national, regional, district, and local level. This report has been tailored to the specific priorities, needs, and capabilities of Ukraine and the points at which information specific to Ukraine should be considered during implementation of telemedicine services. This implementation handbook for rural telemedicine contains specifications and recommendations for best practice in the commissioning, implementation, and operation of telemedicine services. It contains some specification of infrastructure and organization at the national level, but is focused on the delivery of services across a region.

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