ADB Resource Book on PPP in Birthing Homes

2Knowledge Series on PPP in HealthPPP in Birthing Care Facilitiesof their health sector and improve the overall health status of its constituents, especially in the areas of maternal and child health. This document, while not offering exhaustive information and guidance in the development of PPP in birthing care facilities, is a good starting point for government proponents (e.g., local governments) that seek to reduce its Maternal Mortality Rate).

Through better birthing care facilities, local governments can provide its residents access to essential health services that can help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. Such facilities can offer: (a) reproductive health counseling and provision of preferred method of child spacing; (b) ante-natal care, tetanus toxoid immunization, and micro-nutrient supplementation of pregnant women; (c) treatment of disease and possible complications co-existing with pregnancies; (d) early detection and management of complicated pregnancies; and (e) safe delivery and support to breastfeeding.

This resource book takes of from a draft terms of reference on PPP in the management of birthing care facilities,  where important aspects in the development of such facilities are discussed.

This document then covers important aspects such as the parties involved and their responsibilities, scope of services, contracts, and the conduct of the bid.I t is hoped that this document will assist PPP proponents and partners in their goals towards improving their healthcare facilities for women and children and as they go through PPP project development and implementation.

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