Emerging Partnerships: Top 40 PPPs in Emerging Markets

In order to find the most unique and groundbreaking PPP’s for Emerging Partnerships, Infrastructure Journal and IFC undertook a global outreach campaign to encourage governments, industry, academia, nongovernmental organizations, multilaterals and anyone with a vested interest in PPPs to nominate projects that have set new standards for efficiently developing and financing critical global infrastructure.

This publication includes the following healthcare projects:

  • Peru Health Care Portfolio Bond Financing
  • Ciudad Victoria Hospital
  • Lesotho: National Referral Hospital
  • Philippines NKTI Hemodialysis Project 
  • Toluca and Tlalnepantla Hospitals
  • Hospital do Subúrbio
  • Ciudad Victoria Hospital

Candidate projects were distributed geographically among four regions and must have been
implemented in a qualifying emerging market country within these regions:
• East Asia, Pacific and South Asia
• Europe, Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa
• Latin America & the Caribbean
• Sub-Saharan Africa

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