EU report: Management of Infrastructure Projects for Hospitals in Romania

The report is the outcome of the  EU-funded project “Management of infrastructure projects for hospitals in Romania” initiated by DG Regio of European Commission and implemented by a consortium of Romair Consulting ltd and Romtens Foundation. The report provides assessment  of the project cycle for hostpital infrastructure projects.
The project focused upon the following objectives:
1. To assess the institutional framework (at central and local level) and the overall project cycle, from the initial decision on establishing public health institutions and services to the running of assets, and including financial mechanisms;
2. To assess the capacity of hospitals managers to efficiently manage complex investments projects, and accordingly manage investment and operating budgets;
3. To assess the potential role of the hospitals managers in the hospital infrastructure projects;
4. To issue detailed and tailored recommendations to overcome the possible difficulties or weaknesses arising from the preliminary assessments and a subsequent detailed action plan with clear deadlines.

The report also provides overview of some cases in healthcare PPPs in Portugal, Romania and Greece. The following Greek hospitals are named in this report:

  • New Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki – € 389 M
  • New Oncology Hospital of Thessaloniki – € 396 M
  • New General Hospital of Preveza – € 131 M
  • Rehabilitation & Recovery centre of Northern Greece – € 124 M

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