IDB Invest: Public-Private Partnerships +Healthcare

The report sectiondifferent types of PPPs by which the private
sector can provide high-tech medical equipment:
1. Technology partner PPP
2. Service concession PPP
3. Innovative public procurement (IPP), PPP success factors and describes some succces stories

  • PPP Agreement between Siemens Healthcare and Servicio Murciano de Salud (SMS) for the overall supply of biomedical equipment to two new public hospitals in the autonomous community of Murcia, in Spain.
  • Partnership between the Asociación Española de Socorros Mutuos (AESM)
    and Sistemas Genómicos (SG) for the development of predictive medicine.
  • Construction, refurbishment, financing, supply of equipment and implementation of a new diagnostic imaging center in Chisinau, Moldova, between the Moldovan government and Magnific SRL.
  • Concession agreement for clinical laboratory services in six public hospitals in Madrid, between Servicio Madrileño de Salud and the concessionaire, BR Salud—a joint venture between Unilabs (55%), a clinical diagnostic company in Europe, and Grupo Ribera Salud (45%), a company in the
    health administrative concession sector in Spain.

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