IFC Public-Private Partnership Stories. Kyrgyz Republic: Dialysis Centers

This document is part of the series that provides an overview of public-private partnership stories in various infrastructure sectors, where IFC was the lead advisor : PPP project for four dialysis centers in the Kyrgyz Republic (Oshand JalalAbadin the southern region and two in Bishkek)covering around 75% of the populationandoffering a minimum of 75,000 dialysis sessions. The tenyear PPP agreement awarded to Fresenius Medical Care (Germany) envisages that the private provider will finance, lease, and operate four dialysis centers and provide an allinclusive (lab tests and medicine) service for the patients at the bestpractice dialysis standards. In return, the public counterpart pays a fixed tariff for the treatment. The document describes the role of the IFC, provides background information on the project, transaction structure, bidding and expected post-tender results.

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