World Bank: Public-Private Partnerships and Collaboration in the Health Sector

An Overview with Case Studies from Recent European Experience. 

Dr. Irina A. Nikolic (M.Phil., Ph.D.), Dipl.KH-BW Harald Maikisch (MSc, MAS). October 2006.

This brief is intended to provide an overview of the topic of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and public-private collaboration (PPC) in the health sector, the key types of PPPs and PPC encountered in practice, the associated benefits and risks, and good practices for ensuring success. Also included are nine recent case studies from European experience that illustrate these considerations under specific project circumstances. This overview is not intended as a detailed analysis of the theory and practice of PPPs and PPC in health, and excludes public health partnerships at supra-national levels (e.g. global health partnerships or disease-specific partnerships).


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