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PPPHealth4All  is the very first in the world and the only platform covering public – private partnerships for global health. It connects the representatives of various stakeholder groups regardless of their geographies. PPPHealth4All is a not-for-profit initiative guided by the following principles and values:

Global Framework: “Global  Health” and ”Health for All” as a policy mission. PPPHealth4All’s partners and members agree to support the intersectoral policies and approaches to overcome the inefficiencies and information silos observed in the healthcare sector and in PPPs.

Transformation: PPPHealth4All aims to facilitate transition from transactional  PPP projects to transformational PPP projects.  PPPHealth4All strives to bring better healthcare and more well-being to citizens, to improve health status and quality of life by promoting sustainable models for PPPs in the healthcare sector and by bringing “value for people” along with “value for money”.

Multi-stakeholder approach: PPPHealth4All strives to develop an ecosystem of PPP stakeholders in the healthcare sector and to integrate all actors participating in PPP healthcare value chain.

Commitment: Members of PPPHealth4All ‘s ecosystem agree to collaborate to design, implement and evaluate the sustainable models, tools and technologies applicable for PPPs in the healthcare sector.

Expertise: PPPHealth4All partners and members are the institutions and the professionals, representing public and private sectors,  international organisations, financial sector, NGOs, academia, media and are recognised in their domains.

Co-opetition: collaboration instead of competition between business competitors, for the sake  of mutually beneficial results. We  are building a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and respect across PPPHealth4All ecosystem.

Collective Impact: our commitment is to moblise the actors from different sectors to achieve together a collectice impact and solving global health problems.

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