Call for Members of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board

PPPHealth4All sees as a priority to set up an Advisory Board that will act as an external consultation body to the initiative, to steer the PPPHealth4All initiative in the right direction and to make sure that the voices of key stakeholders groups are heard and taken into account. The Board will provide a leadership, strategic governance and advice and will ensure a high level of accountability, transparency and competence. The members of the Advisory Board will work in close cooperation with the PPPHealth4All team and will support them to achieve the objectives of the project. Advisory Board does not have any legal authority.

The AB is composed of at least 4 and up to 7 members. The AB members will be selected for a 1- year term, considering their geographical origin (at least 50% from developing countries), field of experience (50% from independent NGOs and 50% from industry) and gender (at least 50% female).

Responsibilities assigned to the Advisory Board include the following:

  • Strategic advice and validation of approaches, “wise counsel”;
  • Exploration of new services to the PPPHealth4All membership and ecosystem;
  • Co-definition of the key performance indicators to be used for assessing the performance and results of PPPHealth4All;
  • Validation and improvement of the business models designed for the rollout of PPPHealth4All activities;
  • Funding Leadership.

We invite our partners, members and stakeholders to nominate prominent individuals that could bring value to PPPHelath4All initiative. The deadline for nominations is 20 June 2020.

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