Technical Consultant for the Phase 0 Preliminary Regional Assessment and the Project Concept Development for the Ukraine Health PPP

IFC is seeking the assistance of a Technical Consultant (the “Consultant”) to conduct identification of bankable transaction structures and technical, economic and financial / affordability assessment of the following options:

  • Hospital consolidation PPP: construction of a new multi-profile hospital at the site of the LEH. The model envisions attracting a private investor to finance, design, build, equip and maintain a new multidisciplinary hospital (PFI model) via consolidation of existing outdated public hospitals. Under the model, the staff and other resources of the old public hospitals will be consolidated and will continue delivering clinical services in the newly constructed hospital. The outdated participating hospitals will be closed or used for other purposes.
  • Laboratory PPP: the Project envisions attracting a private investor to build, equip and operate a network of laboratories using hub-and-spoke model and delivering a wide range of quality medical tests to participating public healthcare facilities in Lviv to patients referred and reimbursed for by public facilities (the “Public patients”) and patients paying out-of-pocket and/or referred by private clinics or self-referred (the “Private patients”);
  • Imaging PPP: it is expected that the private operator will be attracted to finance, equip, maintain, operate a network of imaging centers and to deliver imaging diagnostics services to public and private patients and hospitals, part of which could be interpreted through telemedicine-based IT solutions.
Deadline for submission of EoI – 11 March 2021.


Ukraine explores potential for healthcare PPP projects

The  PPP Agency of Ukraine and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) have organised a workshop in Ukraine  on healthcare PPP projects.

Experts from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) shared their experience on supporting and financing PPP projects in the field of healthcare in different countries around the world, according to partnership models that can be implemented in a rational and cost-effective way.

The event involved international investment companies with extensive experience in implementing PPP projects around the world, specializing in the development of long-term infrastructure projects (Meridiam, Rönesans Holding), and provide health services in countries such as Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India (Bozlu Holding, Medicover, Synevo).

They presented practical cases on PPP projects:

  • integrated medical campus;
  • medical centers and hospitals;
  • radiology centers;
  • centers for providing oncological services in radiation therapy;
  • research and diagnostic centers;
  • laboratories.

The discussion identified key success factors in the implementation of PPP in medical infrastructure and considered a list of possible components of the PPP pilot project in the field of health in Ukraine, as well as features of implementation in the context of the proposed PPP models: Infrastructure Model / Service Model / Integrated Model.

Ukraine is preparing a healthcare PPP project in city of Lviv.

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PPPHealthH4All expands its network to the Eastern Europe

PPPHealth4All network is growing and extending to the Eastern Europe. We are happy to welcome Academy of PPP (Ukraine) in our network and looking forward to working together on capacity building and promoting sustainable public-private partnerships. The MoU was signed on 11 January 2021 on one side by Natalia Korchakova-Heeb, Founder of PPPHealth4All and Managing Director of SDG.17 Consulting GmbH  and Irina Zapatrina, PhD, Founder PPP Academy, and Irina Shatkovska, the President on the other side.

Natalia Korchakova-Heeb
Irina Zapatrina
Anna Shatkovska