Call for Members of Advisory Board

Call for members
of Advisory

Good Governance

PPPHealth4All sees as a priority to set up an Advisory Board that will act as an external consultation body to the initiative, to steer the PPPHealth4All initiative in the right direction and to make sure that the voices of key stakeholders groups are heard and taken into account, The Board will provide a leadership, strategic governance and advice and will ensure a high level of accountability, transparency and competence. The members of the Advisory Board will work in close cooperation with the PPPHealth4All team and will support them to achieve the objectives of the project. Advisory Board does not have any legal authority. Responsibilities assigned to the Advisory Board include the following: strategic advice and validation of approaches, “wise counsel”; non-binding strategic advice; positive marketing of PPPHealth4All. An advisory committee which includes influential community leaders can be effective at spreading the word about PPPHealth4All services; funding Leadership; exploration of new services to the PPPHealth4All membership and ecosystem; co-definition of the key performance indicators to be used for assessing the performance and results of PPPHealth4All; validation and improvement of the business models designed for the rollout of PPPHealth4All activities.

Decision-making process

Decisions by the Advisory Board shall be made by the majority of the votes. In the case of a tie in voting, members shall discuss the specific case and reach a consensus. Members may not abstain from voting on any decision.

Nomination of members

The setting up of the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board will follow an open and transparent process. The potential candidates will be nominated considering a set of nomination principles, as presented below. The members will be the leaders in their respective domains and will have a good knowledge and experience in one or more areas of expertise: global health, healthcare infrastructure, sustainable development, public private partnerships in the healthcare sector, stakeholder engagement. The AB shall be composed of experts from different sectors with diverse expertise, gender mix and geographic spread, while also covering the business community, academia, public authorities as well as civil

invitation and engagement of the selected members

Following the assessment and selection of the members, the selected members were contacted via email and provided with the following documents: Terms of Reference (ToR), describing the tasks of its Advisory Board members as well as their expected contribution and Declaration of Acceptance, to be signed by the selected members evidencing the fact that they agree with the terms and conditions pertaining to their participation in the Advisory Board as well as that they are in fact willing to be an Advisory Board member. At the same time, the selected members also consented that: PPPHealth4All may publish on its website and any documentation relevant to the project, their name, picture and short biography as a member of the Advisory Board .

Responsibilities of Members of the Advisory Board

By accepting ToR and signing the Declaration of Acceptance, the selected members committed to: abide by the Advisory Board Terms of Reference which explain in further detail their expected involvement as well as the terms and conditions pertaining to their participate in the AB in their individual capacity and not to delegate another person to carry out any expected work; participate in the AB in complete independence and without conflict of not to divulge any information given in the context of the work of the AB and to respect the confidentiality. All AB members may participate in their individual capacity as individuals, or may be representing the interests of an organisation or a network. They do so on a pro bono basis, apart from the cases in which physical travel is involved and a specific budget for their reimbursement is foreseen. In such cases, the travel and accommodation expenses of AB members will be reimbursed by the PPPHealth4ALL. Finally, participation in the AB is entirely voluntary and they may withdraw their participation at any time if they need to.


The Advisory Board is consulted periodically by email. The meetings are held at least 4 times a year virtually or in person. Date-matching efforts are made to allow the widest participation. Meeting alerts are sent at least two weeks in advance. It is also possible to organize: virtual (remote) validation workshops and ad-hoc interaction.


The Advisory Board is composed of at least 4 till 7 members. The Advisory Board members will be selected for 1- year term every year, considering their geographical origin (at least 50% from developing countries), field of experience (50% from independent NGOs and 50% from industry) and gender (at least 50% female). Engaged members can be selected more than once.

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A representative of international organisation, multilateral organisation, government, infrastructure company, financial institution, patient organisation or NGO.

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