Stakeholder Consultations

G20 Policy and Institutional Framework 
for Delivering on Sustainable Infrastructure

“The social impacts of poorly planned infrastructure projects also threaten sustainable development. Some infrastructure projects have an adverse impact people by not providing access and benefit sharing of infrastructure projects, and and can entail re-locating large populations of people from their homelands. Indirectly, losses in ecosystem services can threaten their livehiloods and trigger social conflict”.

Invitation to participate in the pilot project on stakeholder consultations

PPP initiatives address different players, directly and indirectly, and at different timescales, from immediate to longer term. In order to be successful, the PPP must have an agreed stakeholder engagement and communication strategy which includes an appropriate approval process.

PPPHealth4All is working on development of a digtial tool for stakeholder consultations tailored to PPP healthcare projects.

It is planned to implement several pilots to test the module of stakeholder consultations with beneficiaries and market participants. For this purpose, interested state or local authorities are invited to apply for the pilot.

Requirements for the pilot project:
1. The PPP project in the healthcare sector is at the initial stage of preparation (preferably at the stage of preparation of  pre-feasibility study)
2. The public partner will ensure the access to the Internet, video-confereing tools and will assign an a staff emember with good command of  English.
3. The public partner is prepared to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation on Pilot Project.

PPPHealth4All will provide the following services (free of charge):

  •  methodology on stakeholder consultations and mapping of stakeholders for a particular project;
  • identifying issues of concern from the perspective of  each group of stakeholders;
  • visualization of stakeholders and market participants networks
  • protocols and findings in final report.

Interested public organisations are invited to submit their applications to

Examples of stakeholder engagements within PPP healthcare projects

New Footscray
Hospital Project
Consultation report: The Next People’s Hospital

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