Maharashtra Government Approves PPP Model to Build Medical Colleges and Hospitals across the State

The Maharashtra state cabinet decided to set up new medical colleges and super-specialty hospitals across the state under a public-private partnership basis to expand the health infrastructure in rural and semi-rural areas.

The Chief Minister’s Office reported the conditions enabling the project which is State Industries Department’s scheme of incentives, model concession agreement of NITI Aayog for healthcare infrastructure projects and support of International Finance Corporation.

"The state will encourage greenfield projects, where we will provide land and private parties can set up medical colleges and super-specialty hospitals. This will be specially beneficial to rural areas."

Amit Deshmukh, Maharashtra medical education minister

In the next three years, additional 1,000 seats in post-graduate programs and various specialist doctors courses will be created. These seats include 350 in the proposed government medical colleges and 650 in the existing medical colleges.

It is also expected increasing number of patients in outpatient departments by 10 million and inpatient department by 1 million for every year.

Sources: The Times of India,

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