Meet Dr. Tariq Linjawi, Member of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board

„It is my pleasure to join the advisory board of PPPHealth4All. Our different backgrounds, knowledge and experience in the AB will strengthen its value and contribution. Having been through a two-years journey of two healthcare PPPs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a total value over $1 bln, I know the desperate needs for guiding and helpful resources in such endeavours. We studied other countries’ experiences, attended seminars, reviewed literature and consulted experts in the field. We always hoped that there was an independent body who could give us help. I hope PPPhealth4all will be able to play an important role in that regard. The spectrum of PPP outcome throughout the world in different sectors varies significantly. Governments had moved back and forth in their desire and ambition towards PPP. Standardizing the basic steps all parties will take in any country to succeed in the project is developing with different models and significant variation”- says Dr. Tariq Linjawi.

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