Meet Mark Moseley, Member of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board

We are happy and proud to introduce a next member of the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board- Mark Moseley, Principal of Moseley Infrastructure Advisory Services, and prominent PPP expert with considerable experience of working with MDBs.
“….I am excited to join the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board, as I believe that Public-Private Partnerships can be an effective tool, in both advanced countries and emerging markets, for helping to deliver healthcare on a universal basis. As we face the challenge of dealing with COVID-19, and possible future pandemics, the need for global access to quality healthcare has never been more apparent. PPPs can be part of the solution, but only if both the public and private partners can work closely together in a truly collaborative manner. This means ensuring that governments have the tools necessary to plan for and manage these complex and highly-impactful transactions, and ensuring that the private partners have contractual frameworks that will allow them to deliver and maintain innovative healthcare facilities and services for the public in an efficient and effective manner. These are key parts of the PPPHealth4All mission, and that is why I am happy to support this initiative.” 

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