First Meeting of Women’s Health Working Group

First meeting of the new Women’s Health Working Group in the Global Health Hub Germany took place on 24th of June.

The WG will deliberate on the most pressing challenges facing women’s well-being today, develop innovative, concise and common-sense approaches to tackle these problems affecting women’s health through implementation, advocacy and sharing of best practice measures.

Women are the essential caregivers and backbone in almost every society around the globe. However, the health of women, who weave the fabric of society is all too often neglected or not carefully considered. Though progress has been made, women are still challenged by gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, child marriage, unmet need for sexual and reproductive health care, the effects of climate change and disproportionate burdens of chronic disease.

The Women’s Health Working Group is multidisciplinary and welcomes all women, men and gender diverse experts and allies, as well as those who would like to gain deeper insight about women’s health topics. 

To join the Working group please go to Global Health Hub Germany

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