PPPHealth4All signs the MoU with the Public-Private Partnership Commission of Malawi

PPPHealth4All deepens its cooperation with public authorities in southeastern Africa. We are happy to announce the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Public-Private Partnership Commission (Malawi). The MoU was signed on 17 January 2021 on one side by Natalia Korchakova-Heeb, Founder of PPPHealth4All and Managing Director of SDG.17 Consulting GmbH  and Audrey Mwala, the Acting CEO, PPP Commission, on the other side. We are looking forward to working together. On occasion of the signature of the MoU, Audrey Mwala gave a video-address.

The PPP Commission (PPPC) is the implementation Agency for PPPs in Malawi, responsible for developing guidelines on best practices to assist sectorial Ministries in the roll-out of their PPP projects. The PPPC works closely with the Ministry of Finance in the review and assessment of PPP project affordability, value-for-money, feasibility, and contingent liabilities associated with PPP projects. More specifically, the PPPC provides advice and support to Contracting Authorities (CAs) in the following areas:
  • Development of infrastructure sector policies and strategies where necessary to accommodate private sector financing and operation of public services; 
  • Project Identification: Support with identification of infrastructure projects appropriate for PPP, concept development and exploration of different PPP options and undertaking pre-feasibility analysis; 
  • Feasibility studies: Undertaking technical economic and financial feasibility studies, legal, environment and social appraisals, assessment of project risks and identification of solutions to mitigate those risks. This would include support in development of financial and economic models;
  • Procurement process: Supervising a competitive bidding process to select the best private sector offer. Negotiation: providing support to the CA during negotiations with the private sector provider;
  • Contract management/re-negotiation: assisting in on-going contract oversight, especially over the construction phase and assisting in contract re-negotiation that might occur over the life of the project, including re-financing; Liaison with PPP Monitoring and Review Unit at MOF: Assisting the CAs in understanding the approval requirements (the Review function), helping them develop necessary documents for review and generally guiding the CAs through the approval process.
  • Promotion and Capacity Building: promote PPPs in Malawi and internationally, ensures public awareness amongst all stakeholders, facilitate capacity building across the various institutions and provide guidance on PPP procedures and processes.
  • Liaising to obtain financial support: Liaise with funding agencies and international development partners with respect to obtaining financial and technical support for PPP projects.
Natalia Korchakova-Heeb
Audrey Mwala

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