PPPHealth4All Database of PPP Healthcare Projects

PPPHealth4All platform was launched in April 2020 to address the profound knowledge gap faced by the national governments and civil society in developing healthcare PPPs. The platform assists by collecting and standardizing data and state-of-the-art asset models to create the performance benchmarks that are needed for asset allocation, prudential regulation and the sustainable design of PPP healthcare projects. There is a number of international databases on PPPs.  Some databases are free of charge, some of them are commercial. The key differences between databases:

  • target audience and objectives pursued (aiming mainly at investors, community of members);
  • source of information (information publicly available, provided directly by the governments or sources of information are no disclosed);
  • information categories (various parameters used in various databases);
  • project maturity (some projects are encoded only after financial closure);
  • access fee (free/via subscription);
  • availability of information on PPP healthcare (some database does not have health sector in focus);
  • include/non include non-infrastructure PPP healthcare projects.

In general, the information provided by all known sources is fragmented, not complete and does not reflect the actual status of the projects. The information about research PPPs, service PPPs, partnerships with NGOs on provisions medical services on public health or strengthening health systems is not available. 

PPPHealth4All strives to systemize the available project information and to map existing partnerships projects in the healthcare sector. Subscribe to our platform to get access to knowledge base in healthcare PPPs

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