PPPHealth4All Persona – Sameer Pujari, Acting Head of the Unit, WHO

https://www.youtube.com/embed/PjEzm3xvndQWe are very happy and privileged to welcome our next PPPHealth4All Persona, Sameer Pujari, Acting Head of the Unit, the World Health Organization’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation.  He works extensively on Digital Health including mHealth, Big Data and AI providing support in over 40 countries.

Sameer has shared with us how WHO and the member states are working with the private sector and how AI can be deployed and successfully managed at the country level to improve healthcare system. Also we talked  about WHO and ITU initiative on Digital Health and mHealthGlobal Health Hub initiative and implementation of gender equality.

Special thanks to Violeta Isabel Pérez Nueno to make this interview happened.

Interview by Natalia Korchakova-Heeb