Meet prominent experts

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            <h2>Lisbeth Erlands</h2>
                    Vice President, Europe and MENA at Danish Investment Fund                   
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            <h2>Dr. HM Goh</h2>
                    Executive Director, TAEL Partners                   
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            <h2>Celso Manangan</h2>
                    Senior PPP Advisor at PPPHealth4All                 
            <h2>Next PPPHealth4All Persona will be announced in November 2021</h2>
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            <h2>Julien Beaujolin</h2>
                    CEO and Founder, ECMP                   
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            <h2>Sameer Pujari</h2>
                    Acting Head of the Unit, WHO                    
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            <h2>Erjon Murataj</h2>
                    senior PPP expert at PPPHealth4All                  
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            <h2>Ziad Alexandre Hayek</h2>

World Association of PPP Units and PPP Professionals (WAPPP)

Ann M. Casanova

Independent Global Health Consultant

Dr. Hela Ben Mesmia

Ministry of Heath, Tunisia


Jacek Liput

Head of Public Procurement and PPP at Gawroński & Partners Law Firm

Marco Fürstenberg

CEO Fürst Solutions GmbH

Dr. Eyup Vural Aydin

Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence

Askar Khoroshash

General Manager – Medical Component Coordinator, PPP Project Office of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Prof. Veronica Vecchi

Professor at
Bocconi University School of Management (Sda Bocconi)

Sacira Coric

Director at Turner & Townsend Infrastructure Advisory business and lead PPP advisory services (UK)