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Preparation of healthcare PPPs made easy

Minimize your costs

When you do a due diligence of PPP healthcare projects, there is a need for multi-sectorial expertise. We support you on your way by providing experts on demand, standard documentation and best practices. Everything in one place. You could concentrate on your core activities by consulting us in the areas of non-core expertise at very democractic prices.

Save your time

You don't need to spend your time looking for necessary information - we do it for you: -consult our specialised databases of projects, experts, documentation; -order data scrapping and customised newsletters.
- we are keeping an eye on what's happening on PPP healthcare market. Just ask.

Access best practices

Quality of work depends how good we are informed about the best practicies. You are not expected to know everything - buy you need to know where to look for- at PPPHealth4All. We are collecting case studies, developing a marketplace for sustainable healthcare solutions and informing our clients about cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Talk to expert

Every business is about people. Finding right experts is crucial for the winning proposals and any successful operations. We could help you to find a right talent. If you need a consultation on a narrow topic with a highly- specialised expert, we have access to the world-class experts. Book a consultation and decide how many hours you need.

Choose the perfect SUbscription plan

We developed flexible and affordable plans to assist the companies in preparation and implementation of healthcare PPP projects





Per year


Per year


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Frequently asked questions

We break down our work in credits. Each credit equal either 1-hour consultation, a document downloaded from PPPHealth4All or similar service provided by PPPHealth4All. We will agree what is covered by each credit before you spend them.

In this case, you could purchase a new subsription plan or add purchase addtional credits.

The use of credits could be done by any authorised user as foreseen in your subscription plan

It depends on request. if we have such expert in our database, then it is time to check his interest and availability ( 2-3 days). If such expertise is not immediately available, we engaged into discussion about further steps as there are several options.  In any case, we pledge to find you a right expert.

Yes, the best part of PPPHealth4All that you not only spend but also earn. You could register your core expertise and relevant experts in our database, offer consulations and earn credits.

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Our clients say

"We received a draft of feasibility study from our Consultant firm, however, were not sure whether the Consultant did a good job. We requested a "second opinion" and "quality check" and have received it through PPPHealth4All. Thanks a lot!"
Hilary Leigh
Public Official
"No doubt, investment in healthcare will be a priority in the coming years and the demand for platforms such as PPPHealth4All will only grow. PPPHealth4All will be providing access to data, performance benchmarks, standards and leading practice for delivering healthcare projects with long-term sustainability at its heart. Reducing carbon footprint and improving resilience against climate change cannot any longer be just considered as “a nice to have” but must drive the decision making process from the project outset"
Sacira Coric
Turner & Townsend, UK
"We are international law firm and wanted to bid for a PPP Advisory project. The ToR requested not only legal expertise but also expertise in capacity building and policy analysis. We revert to PPPHealth4All for recommendations and recived excellent CVs."
Quintin Angus
Representative of international law firm
"I am working for 18 years with dialysis projects serving the hospitals in Latin America and Africa. My clients and my firm are interested to explore bidding for PPP dialysis projects and We would like to have a lawyer firm helping us on this way"
Marco Fürstenberg
CEO, Fürst Solutions