“Happy to see PPPHealth4All acting as a single window for development of PPP projects in the healthcare sector that applies holistic approach  and, most importantly, balancing the interests of different stakeholders. Credibility of foregoing conditions is fundamental for obtaining public  support for those projects. It would be also necessary to develop a sector-specific standard documentation, hope that PPPHealth4All will help with this task.”

Prof. Predrag Cvetkovic / LL.D, Faculty of Law Nis, Serbia

Public Private Partnership Commission of Malawi has signed a MoU with PPPHealth4All to work together on development of a pipeline of healthcare PPP projects in Malawi. We need expertise of PPPHealth4All to make sure ensuring that our PPP projects are responsive to the modern requirements of sustainable infrastructure, that goes beyond just construction of new facilities but brings also “value for people”. PPPHealth4All offer social and environmental assessments and calculation of carbon-footprint of the projects.

Audrey Mwala / Acting CEO, Public Private Partnership Commssion of Malawi