Meet Audrey Mwala, Member of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board

PPPHealth4All is honored to introduce a member of the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board – Mrs Audrey Mwala, Acting CEO of Malawi PPP Commission, Co-President of AP3Network, Founder of Sycamore Consult Limited.

„It is a great honor for me to join the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board to play a role of making health not a privilege but a basic service available for all. The vision of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board personally speaks to my heart and ignites my zeal and  eager to one day step into a world in which everyone can live a long and healthy life. Coming from Africa where over one million babies prematurely die within 4 weeks of birth and 25% die before 5 years it is my sincere desire to see a world where everyone has access to health infrastructure and service enabling them to live long and healthy lives.”

I am very excited to be in the team that is 
championing this agenda to end preventable deaths
of babies, reduce global mortality and end pandemics
to attain Agenda 2030 and SDG.3

Meet Engr Chidi Izuwah, Member of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board

PPPHealth4All is honored to introduce a member of the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board- Engr Chidi Izuwah, DG /CEO The Presidency Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission of Nigeria; Co-President of Africa Public Private Partnership Network; Member of Steering Committee, WAPPP; Co-founder Defeat Autism in Nigeria Advocacy Group.

„ …I wish PPPHealth4All all the best in its quest to promote better healthcare and greater wellbeing of citizens all over the world and in Nigeria in particular through the promotion of innovative, affordable and sustainable PPP health models. PPPHealth4All can help mobilize international support to:

  • close African healthcare infrastructure gap exposed by current Covid-19 pandemic;
  • assist African governments in adoption of PPP models  to finance healthcare infrastructure with engagement of  MDBs;
  •  strengthen the participation of African  banks in health PPPs through innovative financing structures.

I look forward to selflessly playing my part as a member of the advisory board to ensure that the health infrastructure and current outcomes in Africa get the urgent intervention required via various innovative PPP models to address communicable and non communicable disease burden in Africa.”

"My dream is to see a better and healthy Africa via 
the impact of innovative healthcare PPPs."


New Publication of the World Bank “Public-Private Partnerships for Health in Vietnam: Issues and Options”

This book published by the World Bank describes the nature of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector in Vietnam. It defines health-related PPPs, describes their key characteristics, and develops a taxonomy of the different types of PPPs that exist in practice, illustrated by international examples. It also assesses the regulatory and institutional framework for the health PPP program in Vietnam, as well as financing and accountability mechanisms for PPPs at its national and subnational levels. It provides an overview of the PPP project pipeline in Vietnam and analyzes important issues in the health PPPs’ design, preparation, and implementation, using eight case studies involving projects in different phases of the project cycle. This book also examines barriers that have hampered the successful design and implementation of health care PPPs in Vietnam. These barriers may be broadly categorized as barriers in the PPP policy and regulatory framework, in the public sector, in the private sector, and in the financial sector. It proposes feasible and actionable recommendations so that the government can consider tackling the identified barriers and advance the successful design and implementation of health PPPs.

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Call for applications to participate in a pilot project on stakeholder consultations

Photo by Bill Hamway

PPP initiatives address different players, directly and indirectly, and at different timescales, from immediate to longer term. In order to be successful, the PPP must have an agreed stakeholder engagement and communication strategy which includes an appropriate approval process. PPPHealth4All is working on development of a digtial tool for stakeholder consultations tailored to PPP healthcare projects. It is planned to implement several pilots to test the module of stakeholder consultations with beneficiaries and market participants. For this purpose, interested state or local authorities are invited to apply for the pilot. Requirements for the pilot project:

1. The PPP project in the healthcare sector is at the initial stage of preparation (preferably at the stage of preparation of pre-feasibility study).

2. The public partner will ensure the access to the Internet, video-confereing tools and will assign an a staff emember with good command of English.

3. The public partner is prepared to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation on Pilot Project.

Interested public organisations are invited to submit their applications to PPPHealth4All will provide the following services (free of charge): methodology on stakeholder consultations and mapping of stakeholders for a particular project; identifying issues of concern from the perspective of each group of stakeholders; visualization of stakeholders and market participants networks protocols and findings in final report.