Tender Announced for National Institute of Neurosurgery in Chile

The Ministry of Public Works in Chile published the tender for the replacement of the National Institute of Neurosurgery in Santiago, Providencia, which will allow serving the population of the Metropolitan Region and to be a national reference establishment.

The maintenance of the infrastructure to be developed and the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of medical equipment and clinical furniture, and non-clinical furniture are also considered. The project does not include the provision of services such as food, ambulance and cleaning, among others.

The new high-complexity hospital, with an investment of UF 3,509,321 (USD 147 million) will be upgraded from 100 to 214 beds and will provide complex neurosurgical pathologies for both adults and children. It will allow the development of the teaching and research activity of the complex medical specialty.

The facility will have seven surgical pavilions, a major ambulatory surgery pavilion, an emergency pavilion and multiple boxes for medical care. 

The deadline to submit the offer: 21 April, 2022.

Image and source: official website of the Ministry of Public Works in Chile.