Audrey Mwala, Acting CEO, Public-Private Partnership Commission of Malawi

“…It is a great honor for me to join the PPPHealth4All Advisory Board to play a role of making health not a privilege but a basic service available for all. The vision of PPPHealth4All Advisory Board personally speaks to my heart and ignites my zeal and eager to one day step into a world in which everyone can live a long and healthy life. Coming from Africa where over one million babies prematurely die within 4 weeks of birth and 25% die before 5 years it is my sincere desire to see a world where everyone has access to health infrastructure and service enabling them to live long and healthy lives.

I am very excited to be in the team that is championing this agenda to end preventable deaths of babies, reduce global mortality and end pandemics to attain Agenda 2030 and SDG.3”

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