#PPPsAgainst Corona

C0VID-19 crisis clearly demonstrated weaknesses of public health systems and their lack of resilience. In times of crisis the governments have increasingly reverted to the public-private partnerships.

The EU launched €90M public-private partnership for coronavirus vaccine research. The US announced PPP for public awareness campaign, on-line medical assistance, production of rapid COV19 tests (Verily, Walmart, Target, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Labcorp, Becton Dickinson).

Public-private partnerships have demonstrated successful containment of infectious disease outbreaks in the past. A recent demonstration of the success of a public-private partnership is the containment of the Nipah outbreak in Kerala in 2018 and compabating of AID pandemics.


But the problem is that we are trying to build the airplane as we are flying it. The systematic response, procedures to facilitate in the future PPPs in the healthcare care in order to respond to global health challenges should be established now. COVID-19 is not the very last pandemic. How many people should die more? Innovative, collaborative and trans-national solutions to improve the public health systems should be sought immediately.

PPPHealth4All – a multi-stakeholder platform with attached digital tools to facilitate preparation of PPP projects for global health. We have developed a sub-project COVID-19 Smart Response to address the challenges of COVID-19 crisis . We are looking for partners to implement this project together.


It creates new opportunities for the private sector, civil society groups, community groups, the media, and academia to work alongside and share their expertise and resources.

PPPs could be indispensable in organizing mass vaccination, general response to COVID-19. Please find below a list of PPPs and examples of collaborations between public and private sector to combat COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impact. Also available as a presentation.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment