The PPPHealth4All platform is stemming from the competition organised by the Global Health-Hub Germany (GHHG), where the members of the Global Health Hub-Germany representing various sectors – civil society, private sector, academia – have come together to initiate PPPHealth4All. The PPHealth4All was one of the winning projects of the competition “New Ideas for Global Health” organised by the Global Health Hub-Germany.

On 13th of January 2020, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn presented the Award to the PPPHealth4All team led by Natalia Korchakova-Heeb, Leader of PPPHealth4All, Coordinator of the Working Group on Partnerships for Global Health within the GHHG and Managing Director of SDG.17 Consulting GmbH. In Mr. Spahn’s opening speech for the award ceremony, he underlined that the competition was intended to initiate joint initiatives, and the GHHG had been searching for innovative and intersectoral solutions for challenges in the field of global health. He also stated that “….

The diversity of GHHGs members is a particular benefit of the Hub. We can learn from each other, pool resources and thereby avoid isolated solutions. We can only tackle the global health challenges together….”.

Starting Point

November 2019 Initiated by the representatives of SDG.17 Consulting GmbH, Germany, the European Connected Health Alliance ( UK/Ireland) and Muhambili University of Health and Allied Science, Tanzania. Office in Frankfurt and contributors/advisors from various countries and institutions (Germany, USA, Portugal, UK, France, Ukraine, Tanzania).


January 2020 Winning idea in the competition “New Ideas for Global Health” with a prize presented by the Minister Spahn. Global Health Hub-Germany administered by GIZ on behalf of the Ministry of Health of Germany. Social Lab with the PPPHealth4All project team held in Berlin, 14-15 January 2020 with the financial support of Global Health Hub-Germany. Video-pitch recorded with a financial support of the Global Health Hub-Germany.

February 2020 Award from the Diplomatic Council (Frankfurt am Main, 7 February 2020).

Top-20 Finalist of G20 InfraChallenge, the Global Infrastructure Hub (April 2020). New website https://ppphealth4all.de launched in April 2020 with the following features: 1) member community, 2) newsletter, 3) news blog. PPPHealth4All launched its presence on Linkedin (also as discussion group PPPHealth4All), Youtube and Facebook.

Our Awards

Winning Team “New Ideas for Global Health”

Top 20 Finalist of G20 InfraChallenge

Top-3 Startup Leadership Award 2020