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Community of Best Practices

Welcome to the PPPHealth4All Community of Practice. This site aims to show, results, experiences and lessons learned throughout the implementation of PPP projects in the healthcare sector. Presenting these experiences will allow policy makers and public health organizations, private companies, academia as well as citizens, to apply this knowledge in their respective activities and to achieve SDG 3 by 2030.

PPPHealth4All is connector

Our ambition is to build a global network of PPP health professionals and stakeholders in one resilient ecosystem able to respond to global health challenges in timely and adequate manner.

PPPHealth4All Is Enabler

PPPHealth4All acts as an enabling infrastructure of new PPP healthcare models, which incentivizes and increases institutions’ and end users’ willingness and ability to contribute to building long-term sustainability, driving also changes within the healthcare sector to adapt to the shifting demands of the societies.

COllective Wisdom

Our aim is to harness the value of ‘collective wisdom’ i.e. create opportunities for our members to benefit from best practices, cutting edge insights, problem-solving, building lasting bonds through the power of networks

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