We help with Stakeholder Consultations

In order to be successful, a PPP project must have an agreed stakeholder engagement and communication strategy which includes an appropriate approval process. PPPHealth4All is offering a digital tool for stakeholder consultations tailored to PPP healthcare projects. Interested national or local authorities are invited to apply.

Requirements to a project:

  1. PPP project should be related to healthcare and ideally, be at the initial stage of preparation (e.g. pre – feasibility study).
  2. The public partner will ensure the access to the Internet, video-conferencing tools and will assign a staff member with a good command of English.

    PPPHealth4All will provide the following services (at minimal costs or free of charge under certain conditions):

    • methodology on stakeholder consultations and mapping of stakeholders for a particular project;
    • identifying issues of concern from the perspective of each group of stakeholders;
    • visualization of stakeholders and market participants networks
    • protocols and findings in final report.
    • Interested organizations are invited to submit their applications to info@ppphealth4all.de


Who are stakeholders?

Stakeholders are all those with an interest or stake in the delivery of the project. The number and range of stakeholders will vary according to the stage which the project has reached, and the importance individual stakeholders will vary depending on the stage of a project. For example, the focus for some stakeholders will be pre-contract award issues, whilst others will be primarily interested in practical service delivery aspects. It is important to identify the stakeholders that will own or champion the project in various forums. The list of stakeholders and their roles should be kept current throughout the life of the project. Where the number of stakeholders is high they should be controlled where possible by getting the groups to agree at the outset on a limited number of focal points who would then have responsibility for delivering coordinated and collective positions. It is vital that the wider stakeholders are clear as to their focal points and provide an appropriate mandate. Stakeholder focal points must have the competence, authority and resources to carry out their agreed and defined roles. It is particularly important that they understand the commitment and are prepared to devote sufficient energy and time to the project.

“Project Governance: a guidance note for public sector projects” HM Treasure 2007. ©Crown copyright 2007

Who are stakeholders in healthcare PPPs?

In a healthcare PPP project, the number of parties involved or affected is typically large. For instance:− In hospital projects, in addition to the various departments of the Authority, the stakeholders will often include the national health administration, the medical staff (e.g. doctors, nurses, aides), the hospital administration staff, the local authority in charge of the site on which the hospital will be built, the local residents, future patients and environmental groups.

EPEC “Managing PPPs during their contract life. Guidance for sound management”, 2014

Why it is important to manage properly the communication with the stakeholders?

The design/construction phase of a project is often the most delicate. Opponents to the project may seek to obstruct its construction and provide a focal point for criticism among the local communities. It is good practice to appoint an experienced person or company to design and implement a sound communication strategy toward stakeholders. The communication strategy will typically include awareness campaigns (e.g. Why this project? How is construction progressing? What mitigation measures were adopted?) and crisis communication procedures. A dedicated website is often used to disseminate key/controlled messages.

EPEC “Managing PPPs during their contract life. Guidance for sound management”, 2014

When is the right time to start stakeholder consultatations?

Requirements set out by the World Bank (ESS10 , 2017:97) are the following: “Borrowers will engage with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, commencing such engagement as early as possible in the project development process and in a time frame that enables meaningful consultations with stakeholders on project design. The nature, scope and frequency of stakeholder engagement will be proportionate to the nature and scale of the project and its potential risks and impacts.”

What the proces of statekeholder engagement does normally include?

The process of stakeholder engagement include:

  1. stakeholder identification and analysis;
  2. planning how the engagement with stakeholders will take place;
  3. disclosure of information;
  4. consultation with stakeholders;
  5. addressing and responding to grievances;
  6. reporting to stakeholders.
What should be documented in stakeholder consutlations?

The Borrower (Project Developer) will maintain and disclose as part of the environmental and social assessment, a documented record of stakeholder engagement, including a description of the stakeholders consulted, a summary of the feedback received and a brief explanation of how the feedback was taken into account, or the reasons why it was not.”(World Bank, 2017:98).

What is the WorldBank Environmental and Social Standard on Stakeholder Engagements?

The World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)’s Environmental and Social Standard (ESS)10, “Stakeholder Engagement and Information Disclosure”, recognizes “the importance of open and transparent engagement between the Borrower and project stakeholders as an essential element of good international practice”.

Borrowers will engage in meaningful consultations with all stakeholders. Borrowers will provide stakeholders with timely, relevant, understandable and accessible information, and consult with them in a culturally appropriate manner, which is free of manipulation, interference, coercion, discrimination and intimidation.



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