Environmental assessments are the legal requirement

Effects on the environment should be taken into account at the earliest possible stage in all the technical planning and decision-making processes. Environmental assessments ensure that the environmental implications of PPP healthcare projects are analysed and understood prior to their launch. These assessments provide project developers assurance that their projects are compliant with a variety of regulatory requirements including Directive 2011/92/EU and Directive 2001/42/EC.

PPP healthcare projects financed by the MDBs are expected to be designed and operated in compliance with good international practices relating to sustainable development. Environmental and Social Assessments are also required by:

The  environmental assessments for hospital PPP could include, for instance, the following key issues:

  • traffic impacts during the construction and operation of the hospital;
  • noise, dust and vibration associated with the construction;
  • sub-contractor management during the construction and operation of the hospital;
  • environmental, health and safety management systems during the construction and operation;
  • issues associated with the closure of the existing smaller hospitals;
  • waste management during the hospital operation, in particular medical/hazardous/radio-active wastes;
  • hygiene management during the hospital operation;
  • hazardous materials management during the hospital operation;
  • life and fire safety of the hospital building.

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All hospitals shall be low-carbon by 2030, and zero net carbon by 2050

The public and private sectors to take immediate action to reach zero net carbon emissions in new hospital projects by 2030, with all buildings retrofitted to zero net carbon by 2050.

Green buildings drive up revenues and lower operating costs, they also provide better collateral due to higher resale prices, delivering superior asset value for responsible investors and financiers.




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