Kazakhstan initiates PFI Hospital Project and looking for proposals

Kazakstan Public -Private Partnership Center is inviting to submit proposals for PFI project in hospital construction in Kazakhstan.

The goal of the project is to create in the city of Turkestan a modern multidisciplinary hospital consisting of a hospital, a replacement technology hospital for 630 beds, and a consultative and diagnostic building with a capacity of 500 visits per shift.

Location of the project:  the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan city.

Project implementation period: 2020 – 2028 (98 months), including: investment period 2020 – 2023 (35 months), post-investment period 2023 – 2028 (63 months).

Requested payments from the budget: reimbursement of capital expenditures (CAPEX), operating expenditures (OPEX), management fee (MF).

Potential private partners interested in the implementation of the planned PPP project can submit alternative proposals on the possibility of implementing the planned Project.

Contacts: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel .: +7172 74 38 86, +7172 74 35 04
Mr Uzalin e.uzalin@dsm.gov.kz
Mrs Akimbetova v.akimbetova@dsm.gov.kz

More information here


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