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ADB Public–Private Partnerships Guidance Note on Procurement


This note is part of a series of guidance notes published by ADB in 2018 to accompany the 2017 procurement policy and the procurement regulations. Each note discusses a topical issue for borrowers (including grant recipients), bidders, and civil society under the new framework.

This guidance note applies to the selection of public–private partnership (PPP) operators for sovereign lending operations only. It does not apply to nonsovereign operations; downstream procurement of goods, works, and services by the private operator; transaction advisory services provided by ADB; or regional project preparation facilities, country-specific project development facilities, and project preparation facilities resulting from ADB technical assistance and sovereign lending.The six core procurement principles stated in the ADB procurement policy—economy, efficiency, fairness, transparency, quality, and value for money (VFM)—all apply to PPP procurement. Although the nature of PPP procurement is different from the conventional procurement of goods, works, and services, the process for procuring PPPs should be designed and implemented to comply with these principles.


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