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Methodological Guidance: Climate Change and Health Diagnostic

This guidebook is designed by the World Bank and World Health Organization for use by development partners who are conducting climate change and health diagnostics in a client country or region. The methods are new and evolving, reflecting state-of-the-art approaches to increase resilience and promote low-carbon development. Guidance materials, including this guidebook, will be updated and revised with experience.

This work also provides an introduction to health system resilience, offers guidance on initiating the diagnostic process and forming
a strong implementation team, and describes the five main stages in detail. Each chapter includes step-by-step instruction and advice. Each implementation of the climate change and health diagnostic will be different; every country and health system has a unique set of attributes and development constraints.

This guidebook offers a framework that can be used by specialists at the WBG and other development partners to guide their engagement with advice on matters specific to different stages. Each team’s experience will help to enrich the methods. It is therefore important for each team to share their ideas and lessons with the aim of improving the guidebook and the effectiveness of a climate and health diagnostic.

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