Tender Announced for O’Higgins PPP Hospital Network

General Directorate of Concessions in Chile announced the call for international tender for the O’Higgins Hospital Network to replace two health facilities  in Rengo and Pichilemu with overall 262 beds and benefit for 276 thousand inhabitants.

The project  includes design, construction and maintenance of the new units of the buildings as well as the provision, replacement, assembly and maintenance of medical equipment and furniture.

Estimated around USD 159 million (UF 3,782,141), the PPP contract with a term of 15 years of operation planned to be awarded during the first quarter of 2022 and the beginning of construction in 2023. 

Interested parties are invited to submit their applications until January 11, 2022.

About the project

The Rengo Hospital will be a medium-high complexity facility, which will serve about 206 thousand inhabitants of the districts of Rengo, Malloa, Quinta de Tilcoco, San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Peumo, Pichidegua and Las Cabras.

With a total projected area of 66 thousand mthe establishment will have 235 beds, 47 rooms for medical and non-medical consultations, emergency units, seven pavilions, six rooms for comprehensive delivery care, ten chairs for care of chemotherapy and 18 for dialysis.

The Pichilemu Hospital will be a low-complexity facility, which will benefit about 70 thousand inhabitants  of Pichilemu, Navidad, Litueche, La Estrella, Marchigue, Pichidegua and Paredones districts.

The new building will have a total area of 12 thousand m2 and will have 27 beds, 33 boxes for medical and non-medical consultations and five boxes for emergency units.

Source: website of the Ministry of  Public Works in Chile.

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