The Best Offer Announced for the Los Rios-Los Lagos PPP Hospitals Network in Chile

On October 4, 2021 the Ministry of Public Works in Chile announced two financial offers submitted on September 13 for the Los Ríos-Los Lagos PPP hospitals network, which includes the construction of three hospitals in the Los Rios region  and one in Los Lagos region.

According to the announcement the Mexican Constructora y Edificadora GIA + A SA de CV submitted the best offer with nearly USD 21.5 million (UF 634,900) of fixed subsidy for construction and about USD 5,5 million (UF 161,400) of fixed subsidy for the operation.

“This hospitals network will provide 500 beds within 153 thousand m2 of health infrastructure, which in its construction stage will generate around 2,700 jobs per month, contributing to our economic reactivation. ”

Alfredo Moreno, Minister of Public Works in Chile

The Minister also stressed the importance to continue advancing in the bidding portfolio established for this year, which considers 17 projects worth of USD 6,111 million.

The other proposal was presented by the Ibero-Asian Consortium, consisting of China Road and Bridge Corporation and Puentes y Calzadas Grupo De Empresas SA.

The award of the contract is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 and its construction is estimated to begin during the first quarter of 2023.  

The project considers the design, construction and maintenance of the new units of the buildings as well as the provision, replacement, assembly and maintenance of medical equipment and furniture. The four hospitals together will provide 495 beds with a 290 thousand benefited people. it is estimated that the hospitals will start operate in the first quarter of 2026.

Source and photo credits website of the Ministry of  Public Works in Chile.